If you are looking for a lease property in Austin, or any of the surrounding communities that help make up our metroplex, we are here to help you!  We are Realtors, and we can help you find any apartment, house, duplex or condo that fits your needs.
*One thing to note, when looking for anything other than apartments, is that Austin's lease market follows an 80/20 rule, generally. Eighty percent of what's on the market on any given day is vacant and move-in ready, the other twenty percent of inventory (houses, duplexes, condos) will be move-in ready in a few weeks when the current tenant moves out. It's best to look for houses no more than 30 days from when you need to move.

Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with our lease market, it is expected that you put down the deposit at the time of application.

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Owning Versus Renting

Are you aware that you can buy a house or condo and your payment will usually be less than rent?  The very same house or condo that you are budgeting for rent, you could own for less money out of pocket each month, and you're now investing your money, paying off your mortgage, instead of paying off someone else's!

We want to be your Realtor, tell us if you'd like more information on this!