Investors come in all flavors.  A move-up investor, someone who is moving out of their personal residence but keeping it for an investment, casual investors who are looking for appreciation in a neighborhood, and score that higher than the cash flow realized, and performance investors who are driven by capitalization rates.

Having dealt extensively with all types, I cannot pinpoint a favorite, but I appreciate each for the challenges they present, and the challenges that the market delivers. 

The move-up investor can be anywhere in the demographic, but they have the common trait of experience with home buying and a taste for building their real estate portfolio.  Maybe they have found their significant other or added children, and they need a larger…

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Home buyers, both first time, and the more experienced, are in for a bit of a ride when it comes to landing a deal and closing on a home.  The supply is short, inadequate would be a better description, and the demand is feverish at times. In certain neighborhoods, properties are sold on day 1 of the listing hitting the market, if not before.

I used the term "landing a deal" because I wanted to touch on the subjectivity of the idea.  Deal, to most people, is more than just a colloquialism for transaction or agreed exchange.  Everyone wants to get a deal, or the deal.  The buyer wants a good deal, the seller wants a good deal.  When supply is short, and you have 30 people all looking for the same scope of property in a given sub-market (a neighborhood or…

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